Earlier this year my daughter woke up with a large pimple on her chin. It was the kind that would make any pre-teen or teen self-conscious. Before she showed me, she placed a Band-Aid over it.

“What happened?” I asked. Embarrassed and anxious, she peeled it off. I immediately understood why she’d gone to great lengths to conceal it.

“You can’t go to school with a Band-Aid on your chin?” I continued. “Yes, I can,” she swiftly replied. “And I will until it’s gone.”

I had naively dabbed some lotion, my dermatologist prescribed to me for acne problems, on the problem area. After a few days I noticed my daughter’s skin drying. I had committed the biggest SIN in skincare: don’t use adult products on young skin.

I then turned to my Instagram followers for advice. Toothpaste was the most common remedy many people offered. I’d heard it a lot growing up, but it too is not recommended. Our next stop was the pharmacy. Maybe it was time Janah developed a skincare routine, I thought. I bought a few over the counter products, relying on the sales person to give her a skin analysis; again, another mistake.


My daughter and I were then contacted by De La Mer Spa, in Dubai, offering her an opportunity to get a skin analysis and for her to learn more about looking after her skin. Before that I’d never thought about seeking professional advice. After all, she was just 11 at the time.

Janah had clogged pours, blackheads and pigmentation issues. Once she met with therapist, Samantha Gayle, we both began to learn how to care for young skin. She had her first facial and extractions before she was given the Nimue Teen Skincare range to use on her skin over the summer.

She noticed an immediate change in her skin. Brighter, balance and the clogged pores were no longer a problem. It’s a testament to Janah’s commitment that we saw the results so quickly.


It has been 4 months since she started using the products and what a difference it has made not only to her skin but also her confidence. She is now showing her younger sister how to cleanse her skin to prevent major breakout.

Together with Del a Mer Spa we’ve launched a Teen Skin Care Campaign across the United Arab Emirates help your child better understand their skin and what to do before they develop acne.

The market is saturated with product that can harm your skin rather than help it. Information online isn’t always as helpful, and it can be confusing, too.

It’s important to always seek professional advice before using any product. Throughout this experience, Janah and I have learned that developing a good skincare routine early will help her manage any acne problems in the future.



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