Embarking on New Challenges

Getting ready for my first ski lesson

Everyone deals with turning 40 differently. I’ve embarked on a 40 before 40 challenge. I’m not sure if I’ll get through everything before April. Follow my journey.

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Expat Exodus

Until we meet again

Falling oil prices in the Middle East has cost jobs across various sectors. As a result, we are seeing a mass exodus of expats.

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Finding My Way Back


Almost two years have passed since my last post. I can remember the day I lost my passion to write: it was not long after I found out I was pregnant with my fourth child. Since then I’ve given birth to a beautiful baby girl, Amalia, but the journey to this point has been long. […]

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Majestic Lebanon

Pigeon's Rock from the Beirut Corniche

There is no doubt that this was one of the most emotional journeys I’ve taken. I rediscovered myself and reconnected with my Lebanese heritage. When this tiny nation attracts so many negative mentions in the media, few could believe how deeply enriched Lebanon is by history and beauty.

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Welcome to My Arabia.

With millions of people around the world blogging about their experiences, it’s time I joined the chorus of writers that has made a success out of blogging. After having lived in the UAE for six years, I think it’s now time to share my unique journey with the world. My early years were challenging. I […]

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Business in Arabia: Risking it all to pursue a dream

Bounce 12

Australian businessman Ross Milton gave up a high-flying job to pursue a dream. MyArabia.me recently caught up with the Managing Director of Bounce to find out more about the jumping revolution in Dubai.   Anyone who has lived in the United Arab Emirates long enough will tell you that Dubai is built on entrepreneurship. There […]

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Coffee With…. Two Tone

You're never too old to follow your dream

Put simply, Dubai-based rapper Two Tone is the quintessential example of a person who never gave up on his teenage dream, despite getting side-tracked by building a multi-million-dollar souvenir empire.
As part of a new section on my blog, Coffee With.…., My Arabia caught up with the Moroccan-Dutch entertainer ahead of his debut Dubai performance at RedFest DXB.

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Syrian refugees face a new kind of hell


Their displacement has stripped them of their humanity; children have lost their childhoods while adults seem to have given up on life. Their basic needs of shelter, belonging and protection are rarely met.

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Reckless Parenting in Arabia

It's not uncommon to see children in movie theaters without adult supervision

As parents, we can’t take any risks with our children’s lives. They’re irreplaceable. Too many children have lost their lives in the UAE as a result of reckless parenting.

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Education is a right and not a privilege

Finding the right school is not always easy

The cost of education in the UAE is astronomical and remains one of the most talked about issues in the country. It can cost up to USD20,000 to educate a six-year-old.

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Back after a long break

With Mickey Mouse at the launch of Disney On Ice in Dubai.

It has been many months since my last blog post, but here I am ready to get back to sharing with you my Arabian journey. As you’re aware life and work can take you in many different directions. My current job involves working as a PR and Marketing Director at an events company, and our […]

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